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CEO Greeting

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CEO Greeting
For those of you who have visited
the Han Dok homepage,
I sincerely welcome you.

In the midst of the rapidly changing business environment, our company has the highest respect, change orientation, and safety regulations.
By faithfully implementing the management policy, we have grown and developed into a company with customers.
Above all, we value thorough awareness and practice of environmental protection, and we believe that it is suitable for the global era.
By introducing a clean production system, it has established itself as a leading eco-friendly company in green management.
We take great pride in supplying the finest Kleenex beauty tissues produced by these systems.
In addition, all executives and employees work based on a high sense of ethics and fulfill their social responsibilities.
We will be a healthy company that creates and grows new values.
Please give us a lot of attention and encouragement.


Handok co., ltd.
[1st Factory]103-19, Gong-Dan Ro, Gimcheon City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea (39542)
[2nd Factory] 30-25, Gong Dan-2 Gil, Gimcheon City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea (39542)
TEL : 054-433-3232 FAX : 054-439-1187 E-MAIL :